Hello! My name is Meghan McDunnah (they/she), and I am a queer multimedia illustrator living in Portland, Maine. I've recently graduated from the Maine College of Art with my BFA in Illustration. 
My methods of working and my subjects are hugely diverse, but I always aim to build and strengthen community ties with my illustrations, whether they be centered around shared experiences, identities, abilities or expressions of self. By reflecting upon my own mental health, queer identity, and various passions, I strive to create work that cultivates thought and empathy, and hopes to empower those who view the work that might relate to the themes I use in my illustrations.
In my downtime, I am a guitar, violin, and ukulele player, an amateur stereoscopic (3D) photographer, and a die-hard Queen fan. When not making art or enjoying some music, I can usually be found at home, watching my favorite movies and enjoying my girlfriend's fabulous cooking.
If you'd like to contact me regarding a project or commission, please reach out to:
Thank you!
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